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Jews in Ellingen 1540 - 1938         
A documentation of the Friends of the Baroque Town of Ellingen, Inc.      






















The "Friends of the Baroque Town of Ellingen, Inc. as caretakers of the town archive present a documentation of the life and fate of Ellingen`s Jews based on sources from this archive.

We believe that we are able to offer in a unique way, a concise though comprehensive, depiction of the complexities of Jewish life throughout a period of almost four centuries.

Ellingen represents a particular microcosm. Jewish rural life or that in larger towns has often been described. From early on Ellingen, with it`s only ca. 1500 citizens neither a village nor a town, but a residence of nobility, resulting in a unique mixture of aristocratic, municipal, and personal records.

Liturgical song: Salomon Sulzer (1804-1896): Lecha dodi likras kala
Quartett: Nikola David, Friedhelm Katzenmeier (Tenor)
                Franz Xaver Buchmaier, Werner Renner (Bass)
Synagoge Augsburg, 28.10.2008